A bit about Un-Scripted

Our Mission

The Un-Scripted Theater Company creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights audiences and advances the craft and art of improvisation.

The Company

Un-Scripted Theater Company® has been in existence since 2002. In that time, Un-Scripted has produced over thirty-five runs of shows, in a range of genres and styles: game shows, such as You Bet Your Improvisor! and Improv Survivor; musicals such as Let It Snow!, Theater: The Musical and Shakespeare: The Musical; genre longform plays such as FEAR and Love At First Sight; and theatrical experiments such asThe Impossible Film ProjectThe Great Puppet Bollywood Extravaganza! and Act One, Scene Two. Un-Scripted was voted Best Theater Company 2008 in the SF Bay Guardian, and they continue to look for ways to push the improvised envelope. Un-Scripted has a core ensemble of actors, and for each show there are also auditions for additional cast members.

Un-Scripted Theater Company® is a fully registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are completely tax deductible and are a vital part of our operating budget. We keep our advertising prices low to help local business. We keep our ticket prices low so our audiences members can afford to come back again and again. Donations from patrons of the arts keep us alive and growing. As a non-profit theater company, we strive to make our donors' funding go a long way. If you would like to help us continue to bring great professional improvised theater to the Bay Area, please reach out to us to find out how your financial support can be put to work today.

Philosophy: Improvised Theater vs. Improv Comedy

There is a big difference between "theatrical improvisation" and "improv comedy." Improv comedy normally includes quick one-line jokes and fast-paced timing; it's a place where the sharpest and zaniest of improvisors usually steal the show. Theatrical improvisation, however, is based in stage acting. It's usually funny, but it can also be serious or touching; the comedy usually comes from situations rather than from one-line jokes; and it can be both short-form (quick scenes or games) or long-form (like a play, only without a script). The television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? is straight-up improv comedy. Christopher Guest films like Spinal Tap have elements of both improv comedy and theatrical improvisation. Un-Scripted Theater Company® is one of the few theaters specializing in theatrical improvisation. While some of our shows are hilarious, and many of them have comedic elements, almost none of our shows are "improv comedy." Still confused about the difference? Come to a show and see for yourself!